The first member of the SnapTap family is PhotoSnap – social photo-kiosk that catches special moments of your events, creates great stories, prints them out and shares them on Facebook.

  • Transforming visitor’s reality and creating memories
  • Providing ultimate design and creativity support
  • High-def photos. Instantly printed. Instantly shared
  • Measuring every like, share and comment
  • Collecting visitor’s data (name, gender, email…)

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Revolutionary 3D photo activation with 10 cameras, creates exciting and dynamic video content for your brand, that your visitors will love to share!

Custom-designed frame, logotype, marketing message and filter, together with a printed backdrop, will put your visitors in a completely different world, place or time and create moments to connect with your audience.

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If the picture says 1000 words, how many of them will fit in the video? Get a greater reach on social networks, promoting your brand through popular video content.

Whether you want to leave a video clip from the conference, sing on the stage with your favorite singer, or maybe be part of your favorite soap opera, from now on you can!

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From your idea to a solution. We have the capabilities to create unique experience and design solutions that tailor to your needs.

Get extra earning opportunities, giving your visitors the ability to create customized souvenirs that carry the design or logo of your brand.

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Who is SnapTap for?



Connect SnapTap with access control, contactless payment and RFID wristbands to create a truly seamless experience.



Imagine creative, professional-grade selfies from the heart of your club, all over the internet. Brand photos with your sponsor to secure extra revenue.



Our professional designers will offer you complete stage setup ideas and production for creative photoshoots. Your conference will stay in your visitor’s minds for years.



PhotoSnap enables each guest to take funny photos, have a good laugh and create personalized memories. Bride and groom models? Custom scenography? We make any idea come true!

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Marketing results, quantified

Take advantage of SnapTap’s powerful marketing analytics and get valuable insights of your campaign’s success. If you choose a personalized, social media campaign where each event visitor registers their unique QR/RFID tag in the form of a wristband, sticker, or a name tag, SnapTap will provide you detailed report after the event. The report includes number of actions/photos taken, number of comments and likes, demographic data about your visitors, number of impressions (views of their friends i.e. social media reach) etc.

Report dashboard


Branded Photos

Let your visitors take pictures of unique moments and share them on social media, branded with your message. Try the new way of brand activation!

Instantly Printed Photos

Smile, click, share and get a printed photo in a minute. 10x15cm old-school or 5x15 photo strip.

Custom branding

Make your brand stand out with fully branded devices to match your corporate visual identity.

Measurable On-site Marketing

Your on-site event marketing is finally effective and measurable. Posts, shares, likes, comments, impressions, demographics, top-photos – all in a beautiful report.

Facebook Integration

Visitors share their photos directly after taking them – to their own Facebook wall or your company's Facebook page.

Facebook Sweepstakes

Ensure giveaways for the best photos and give your visitors extra motivation to get involved.

Realtime Slideshow

Stream all the photos, together with custom sponsor slides, in real-time on your video-walls or projectors. Encourage others to activate and increase reach of your campaign and brand.

RFID Integration

If you already use a cashless system, SnapTap can integrate and let people take photos and share them with their RFID wristbands.

On-Site Support

Our dedicated support technicians are available when you need them most, right there on the event!

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