Freezingly cool activation for record melting results!


Branded GIFs

Let your visitors share fully branded gifs on their social media profiles, that will increase your reach and visibility.

Custom branding

Make your brand stand out with fully branded devices to match your corporate visual identity.

Measurable On-site Marketing

Your on-site event marketing is finally effective and measurable. Posts, shares, likes, comments, impressions, demographics, top-photos – all in a beautiful report.

Facebook Integration

Visitors share their photos directly after taking them – to their own Facebook wall or your company's Facebook page.

Realtime slideshow

Stream all the photos, together with custom sponsor slides, in real-time on your video-walls or projectors. Encourage others to activate and increase reach of your campaign and brand.

Custom hashtag

Make every share count even more. Automatically upload each photo to your brand’s or visitors Facebook profile with hashtag that is related to your brand or campaign.

Innovative activation

Try the first 3D foto activation in Adria region. With 10 Integrated professional quality cameras we create exciting and dynamic video content for your brand, and fun and new activation for your visitors.

Video material is the new “thing” on social media, even Mark Zuckerberg was quoted as saying "In five years most of Facebook will be video". The average video post generates 135% greater organic reach, when compared to photo posts, so how can you say no to that?

Custom branding

  • Gif overlay – every Gif carry logo and visuals of your brand

  • Device – use our devices as a sponsor material that will stand out in every event

  • Kapa fix board – massive 4 x 3 meter aluminum frame branded surface for your best visibility

Powerful marketing analysis

Take advantage of SnapTap’s powerful marketing analytics and get valuable insights of your campaign’s success. If you choose a personalized, social media campaign where each event visitor registers their unique QR/RFID tag in the form of a wristband, sticker, or a name tag, SnapTap will provide you detailed report after the event.

The report includes number of actions/photos taken, number of comments and likes, demographic data about your visitors, number of impressions (views of their friends i.e. social media reach) etc.

Printed Photos

Your heart is still set on a picture photos? No problem, we can deliver both!

Our customization option can produce instant printed branded photos for the visitors on the event, and gifs for sharing on social media. A win-win solution, just the way we like it.

Video show off

SnapTap VideoWall will shuffle all the visitor’s photos taken on PhotoSnap kiosks and show them on your projector or LCD screens. This will give you new, fun and dynamic content to integrate in the venue and additionally motivate your visitors to take a photo. Who wouldn’t want their moment of glory in a crowded event, in front of their friends?

Add your own promotional slides or offer your sponsor an attractive marketing space for even more revenue. Number of promotional slides and their frequency can be adjusted according to needs.

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